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Living without smoke?

Having been a smoker myself, I know how difficult
it is to get rid of that habit, and I decided
to provide every possible help to other people to reach their goal
of becoming a non-smoker.
It is not only out of personnel experience that I know how bad smoking
is for one’s health.

I can help you reach your goal:
Rauchen abgewöhnen mit Soft Laser Stimulation Therapie get a smoke-free life, influencing your future life as well.

How can I help you? By stimulating strategic points in your ear with the help of a soft-laser.

With this stimulation I target the meridians, meaning that the endogenous energy pathways of your body are being activated.
I am able to use this modern technique of laser stimulation at the highest level in order to achieve best possible results. Especially the nerving side effect symptoms of craving for nicotine, that appear with quitting smoking, like nervousness, aggressive behaviour or sleeping problems are considerably reduced.
By opting for the weight control stimulation you can prevent replacing the addiction to smoking and not have the effects of eating and seeing your weight get out of control.

The soft laser stimulation is absolutely pain free!

Besides best practice in using the soft-laser, I am trained in mediation, critical incident stress management, and as counsellor for traumatised persons.

Yours sincerely
Astrid Glod